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    Hi! I'm Jenny... Thanks so much for stopping by!

    I'm a full-time momma to three wild little boys, married to a man I'd choose again and again, who loves and follows Jesus Christ and cares deeply for people.

    I really enjoy capturing life's fleeting moments families, and count it a great privilege to do so. I hope you'll browse the site and meet my precious family as well as the many beautiful faces I've had the chance to get to know over the last few years.

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naomi | BIRTH

Anticipation was building as baby Naomi’s due date came and went. Our friends Capillya and Kyle (and big sister Leilani) were READY, and turns out Naomi was finally ready too. She wasted no time making her appearance once she got going, and I barely made it to the hospital in time! Cap’s water broke around 5:30 that Wednesday morning, and that squishy little girl was in their arms just four hours later, beautiful and healthy.

Cap and Kyle, it was an honor to capture such a special day for you. Cap, you are a strong woman and a good momma and you made labor look like a breeze! Oh, and we have three eligible bachelors for your little women to choose from one day!:)


Renee Beautiful!

Isaiah | NEWBORN

I got a brand new neighbor the day this handsome little guy was born! We’ve loved this family for a long time now and we were so happy to have them move in a couple of houses down from us a few months ago. That in itself should qualify me for the babysitter list, right??? My boys are waiting for the day that he’ll be able to come climb on the fort and play in the mud with them. But I’m sure his momma wants to savor these sweet sleepy newborn days. He is so precious!

Here’s a few from his first little photoshoot…


Leighton Raney | BIRTH

I’ve always been a big fan of thrill rides, but my latest favorite thrill is the delivery room! It’s just… WOW. Ever since I got to experience giving birth, I’ve said that I’d like to deliver a baby every day if I could. And I’m halfway serious. There’s nothing more miraculous. But the next best thing to delivering my own is getting to photograph someone else’s special day! I felt so so privileged to be able to do just that for my sweet friends, Barb and Dustin, as they welcomed baby Leighton into the world!

Barb let me know around midnight that she was headed to the hospital, and when I got there around 2am, they were TRYing to tame the excitement and get some rest. Easier said than done! Around 9:30am, just as the last of the family arrived, it was GO time. And within what seemed like only a handful of seconds, baby sister was here! – healthy and beautiful. What a precious little gift from God.

Barb, you were awesome! Thank you for introducing me to the world of birth photography! I’m hooked!
(Check out Barb Raney Photography here!)


















Paige and Trey

On one of THE coldest days of the winter yet, I got to photograph these two cute little lovebirds who recently got engaged and are planning for a warm June wedding! Congrats guys!

These two are some of the kindest people I know… In fact, among countless other things, they give of their time each Sunday to patiently teach the four year old class at our church, which I directly benefit from with my own little preschooler. So thankful!

Wishing you two a long, happy marriage full of rich blessings and opportunities to bring you closer to each other and to Christ.

Here’s a few from our “Save the Date” shoot…

Roberson Family

This family is equal to GOLD in my book. In fact, their value outweighs most anything I can think of. Monica and I met and became heart friends in college and have maintained our relationship through marriages, baby boys, moves to different cities, thick and thin… And I will forever and always be so grateful for the camaraderie, companionship, understanding, challenge, encouragement, and inspiration she is for me! And since our parents both live in Birmingham, we get to see each other when we’re both in town for the holidays!

Donnie Ricketts Beautiful pictures of a beautiful Godly family.